Broken Square Mirror, White, Limited Edition

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Mirror with Soft Polyurethane Frame, Hand Finished with Guflac

Broken mirror is a mirror born from the encounter between Gufram and New York Snarkitecture studio (founded by Daniel Arsham and Alex Mustonen). The reflecting surface is surrounded by a frame of soft polyurethane, a direct reference to Gufram's material par excellence; this creates an alienating optical effect as if the room opened up on the outside world or another environment. The polyurethane framing the mirror is rough-hewn entirely by hand; for this reason, each broken mirror piece is slightly different from another, and it is thus a unique item. Just like the large broken mirror opens a door towards another dimension, the new broken square mirror cracks a window thorough the wall: the reflecting surface is surrounded by polyurethane and allows one to peek into another reality. Its smaller dimension makes it perfect to add dimensions to limited spaces, offering a way to escape from reality.

39.4 x 39.4 x 8 ″