Marilyn, 1967 - Arvidsjaur Nordic Raw Edit 031C

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Hand Knotted Wool & Silk Rug, Edition of 10, Accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity. Design by Calle Henzel.

Since 2014, Henzel Studio has collaborated with The Warhol Foundation to seamlessly transform Warhol’s artworks into the finest handmade rugs. Currently, the collaboration consist of two collections. The first brings to light one of Warhol’s most obscure works, while paying homage to his most iconic and popular subject: Marilyn Monroe. To develop the first collection, Henzel Studio curator Joakim Andreasson began with a maquette created by Warhol for an unrealized artist book. The handmade draft consists of 38 octagonal pages, each one a die-cut detail from a 1967 print edition set depicting Marilyn Monroe, which includes 10 variations of the iconic star.

To expand on the maquette, the original Monroe portraits have been further deconstructed and appropriated by Calle Henzel, the founder of Henzel Studio. Henzel applied his signature design characteristic; freeform organic shapes, strategically placed holes, asymmetrical punk-like fringes and elaborate surface treatments.

96 x 85 ″